Client Stories

The following stories demonstrate the huge impact that the Working Families Success Network of North Texas (WFSNT) is having on clients seeking assistance from or network of agencies. To protect the clients’ identities, we have used a first name only or, in some cases, changed the client’s name.


Jonathon was in a tough situation when he enrolled in The Women’s Center of Tarrant County’s integrated services partnership program with Family Pathfinders of Tarrant County in October 2015. He was unemployed, his credit history was thin and he had neither a checking nor savings account at a bank. When he enrolled in the program, Jonathon said he wanted to get a job with higher pay than his previous employment and improve his credit score. To build a plan toward these goals, Jonathon worked with a Pathfinders financial coach through the partnership’s career development “fast track” workshops and entered skills training for information technology (IT) security.

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When “Cindy” came to The Women’s Center, she was working full-time at a local convenience store. Cindy was pregnant, and wasn’t able to afford career training that would support herself and her child. Through participation in The Women’s Center WFS program, Cindy began training as an Opthalmic Assistant Program through Tarrant Community College, and has received employment and financial coaching that has supported her in meeting goals such as paying off credit cards and increasing her credit score from 667 to 728. Cindy has been to get a loan for a car, and plans to participate in a home buying program within the next year.

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Eric was a successful electrician. But his career came to a halt when a serious car wreck left him injured and out of a job. He turned to Metrocrest Services, whose mission is to help people in crisis get back on their feet and sustain their independence. There he got financial coaching and employment counseling. That led to his acceptance into Per Scholas, a local nonprofit IT training program. Finishing near the top of his class, Eric landed a job immediately after his certification. Now he works with Microsoft and continues to work with his coach at Metrocrest to build his financial future.

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