Interfaith Family Services

Interfaith provides housing for homeless families in one of our 25 lovingly decorated, furnished apartments.  The apartments are rent-free if families enter the program unemployed.

Upon obtaining employment, Interfaith requires a monthly occupancy charge of 30% of the net family income. To encourage savings, Interfaith returns 100% of that charge to families who save $500 or more and successfully complete all other program requirements.

In addition to housing, parents are required to meet weekly with their personal success coach and financial empowerment coach to provide the accountability and support needed to reach their goals.  Additionally, unemployed and underemployed parents must participate in our Career Development Program until viable employment is obtained.  We also provide on-site counseling, child-care assistance, afterschool & summer programs, and life skills training.


  • Families must be homeless or have an eviction notice.
  • Parents must have remained employed on one job nine months or longer in the last three years.
  • Parents must have children in your physical/legal custody under the age of 18.
  • All members of the household are and have been drug-free for at least a year.
  • All members of the household must not have any violent or sexual offenses on their record.
  • All members of the household must be willing to participate in our very structured, accountability-driven program and abide by Interfaith’s rules and regulations including no alcohol, cable television, or unauthorized visitors on property.

Note: The above requirements do not guarantee your acceptance into the Home & Hope program. Acceptance into the program is ultimately up to the Interfaith Home & Hope Case Management Team.

The Home & Hope program relies on interviews with potential residents as well as applications to find families that best fit our program. Families interested in applying for the Home & Hope Program should call (214) 827-7220 or email our Screening Coordinator, Veronica LuJan at


Interfaith Family Services


5600 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206

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