Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas

For 66 years, Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas has welcomed anyone through our doors regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or the ability to pay.

Our mission is to provide professional, effective and affordable mental health and social services that promote lifelong, self-sufficiency and well-being for anyone in need.  

Our licensed and professional staff offer a wide range of mental-health and social services, all accredited by the Council on Accreditation.  

We serve individuals living in the Greater Dallas area. Services include:

  • Financial Coaching
  • Career and Employment Services
  • Mental Health and Counseling for Adults, including those with special needs
  • Family Violence Intervention
  • Mental Health and Counseling Services for Children and Teens, including those with special needs
  • Emergency Assistance/Food Pantry
  • Services for the Elderly and Disabled

Under the Working Families Success Model, we provide Career and Employment Services, Financial Coaching, and Emergency Assistance/Food Pantry in which we bundle 2 or more of these services together to address an individual’s request for a service while assessing other key variables that may be impacting their ability to be self-sustaining. Through the use of coordinated services, we can provide the necessary attention and support to the client/family needs to help them achieve greater independence and self-sufficiency in their lives.

To request an appointment, please call 972-437-9950.


Jewish Family Service


5402 Arapaho Road
Dallas, Texas 75248

The WFSNT is made up of the following nine agencies, to learn more about services each agency provides click on the logos: