Wilkinson Center

The Wilkinson Center mission is to transform the lives of Dallas families by providing pathways to self-sufficiency with dignity and respect. We fulfill that mission by helping families face critical life challenges including food insecurity, basic skills deficiencies, economic instability, unemployment and underemployment.

Service Areas

  • Dallas County
  • East Dallas
  • Southeast Dallas
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Arcadia Park

Services Provided
Food Emergency Assistance (75204,75206,75214,75217, 75223, 75226,75227,75228,75246)

Adult Education, English as a Second English, High School Equivalency, Workforce Training
Employment, Career Services, Job Search, Career Workshops

Financial Coaching


Wilkinson Center
P.O. Box 720248
Dallas, Texas 75372
Telephone: (214) 821-6380

Family Education Center
3302 N. Buckner Blvd., Suite 111 Dallas, TX 75228
Telephone: (214) 821-6380 x392

Eastfield College, Pleasant Grove Campus (Adult Education)
802 S. Buckner Blvd. Dallas, TX 75217
Telephone: (214) 821-6380 x392

Food & Emergency Services
3402 N. Buckner Blvd., Suite 302
Dallas, TX 75228
Telephone: (214) 821-6380 x220

P.O. Box 720248 Dallas, Texas 75372

The WFSNT is made up of the following nine agencies, to learn more about services each agency provides click on the logos: